Machine Tending Automation

DHR provides turnkey solutions for CNC machine tending. That includes not only the tending of stock and parts but also the automatic delivery of fresh tools to your machines –  something that you definitely need when you want to run unattended overnight.

We analyze your parts database and machines and based on that information and your desired throughput, we design the perfect robot cell for you. We create a digital twin, where you can see and simulate all scenarios in your manufacturing. The code that controls that simulation is the actual code that runs on the robot. That gives us a lot of development speed so you can start using your robot cell very shortly after we deploy it.

Automated Internal Logistics

DHR Engineering started as Autonomous Ground Vehicle manufacturer. We have extensive knowledge in that field and we’ve applied it in our latest projects to connect the massive pallet and tool storage to the highly productive GROB/DMG machine cells using MiR AGVs as a platform.

We often use AGVs to decouple the noisy machining area from the warm quiet human workstations where people are setting up pallets for the machines and doing quality inspections.


At DHR we know how important it is to get your production line or new robotic cell up and running as fast as possible. That’s why we have our own fully equipped automation lab with various CNC mills, lathes and laser cutters, and more.

Our workshop allows us to test, iterate and deploy our designs with the speed of light, independent from any busy vendors. We always have some free capacity and can assist you with the manufacturing of your parts with a turnaround time of max 2 weeks, instead of months. Send your RFQ to and we’ll quote you within 24 hours.

3 different grades of automation:

1st Grade
You think lights-out is a long shot for you but you’d like to reduce the manual labor and let your employees focus on something more creative? Then our 1st automation grade is the right one for you.
2nd Grade
Want to run lights-out overnight but still want to have a person in the loop to check the wear of the tools and to load them? In this case our 2nd automation grade is your best choice.
3rd Grade
Our 3rd automation grade is when the whole staff goes home Friday evening and Sunday morning you find all your pallet storage full with high quality precision parts, ready to be shipped out.
See how Growcer AG automated their internal logistics  to save 286,460 CHF annually, triple productivity and attract 600,000 CHF Funding


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