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100% transparent and result-oriented pricing

We stand for complete transparency so you know exactly what you pay for.

DHR Engineering

At DHR engineering we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all automation and standardised pricing. The truth is advanced automation solutions vary on a case-by-case basis even within the same industry.

Schedule a free strategy call to receive your custom quote with a breakdown of all costs related to your automation project.

To have maximum efficiency each project should be treated separately so you can’t really put a universal price tag on automation – unless it’s at the expense of the customer. That’s why on top of crafting your custom automation strategy, we provide a complete price breakdown for each and every project and you don’t pay a single penny until you review it and say YES.

Custom automation calls for custom pricing. With DHR you get both.
Choose between our 2 customized pricing models.

*Each comes with a complete breakdown of all expenses related to the project prior to start

1. Dynamic Pricing
Don’t want to invest large amounts upfront? With our Dynamic Pricing, you get an ongoing calculation of all costs on a week-by-week basis so you stay on top of your expenses and review exactly where your money goes each week. 
2. Fixed Quote
Want to know the cost of the entire project and fit it within your budget before we start? After we research all details around your custom automation solution, we prepare a custom fixed price quote, so you invest once and bear the fruits forever. 
Not sure which model might make the most sense for you?
We’ve got your back!
Hop on a free strategy session where we can recommend an initial automation strategy
and a pricing model that would be the best fit for you.